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Gautam Enterprise supplies all brands and types of refurbished marine spare parts for seagoing vessels and offshore platforms worldwide. Depending on your needs, we can supply refurbished, genuine, and after-market spare parts.


We globally provide Spare Parts and Services

We had performed countless critical and successful repair and overhauls works for all kind of 2 and 4 stroke main engines, Auxiliary engines maintenance, reconditioning works, crankshaft grinding, in-situ machining, maintenance of various auxiliary machinery such as compressors, purifiers, pumps, coolers, etc.

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We can often supply our spare parts from our refurbished stock, so you can be up and running much more quickly. The marine spares we supply are on average 15% less expensive than those you could buy from the market. How is this possible?
For several years, we have been searching, sourcing, and registering skilled engineers and component specialists on a personal basis.
Who are well trained and skilled in repairing and refurbishing marine machines and spare parts & other marine off-shore components. You get exactly the same quality but at a much lower price.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction are a priority for us.

The refurbished marine spare parts are thoroughly checked by our experts based on test reports, studying the tolerances used. We can guarantee high-quality products for much lower pricing.


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